From ‘Second’ skin to ‘Liquid Cornea’— Pandorum’s journey into lab engineered tissues as regenerative medicine

Startup was not the keyword back in 2011 when we started Pandorum. We needed to build an entity to apply for Government grants which is how it all started. The actual beginning was being selected for first cohort of BIRAC BIG grant with C-CAMP as our BIG partner and incubator.” Says Co-Founder Chandru about the early inception days of Pandorum.

With bio-engineered cornea being globally recognized as a clinically viable option, Pandorum is leading the race from India with two unique solutions.

“While the first 5 years of Pandorum went into perfecting and optimizing our technology platform, as a company we have progressed from basic R&D, animal studies, and are moving towards regulatory approvals and clinical application. Internationally there are a few groups in this area but we are ahead in the race by at least 2–3 years” observes Bhowmick

“In 2011, it was difficult to raise investment for deep-science ideas with an unclear route to market. BIRAC funding through C-CAMP helped us convert our ideas into Proof-of-Concept. Now, Pandorum has a strong IP portfolio, formidable team and exciting pre-clinical data” signs off Chandru



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